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Academic perseverance, development of autonomy and project development

Academic perseverance

One of our missions in putting these projects in place is academic perseverance.

The main goal being to encourage and promote academic perseverance or returning to school through individualized and personalized programs.

This type of program can be set up through partnerships with schools or through our Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi.



15-19 years


Examples of projects

At the Agora school, we set up sewing and carpentry workshops as a pilot project. Through these activities, and thanks to the different people involved from our school, we can create a special and complementary contact with the youths who are at risk of dropping out.

Although focused, registration is on a voluntary basis.

This gives the youth a chance to discover new talents and benefit from new, positive experiences in his school environment.

Development of personal an social autonomy

The development of personal and social autonomy is also one of our priorities.

This service aims to encourage these youths to acquire skills and an attitude that will help them integrate socially and move smoothly into adulthood.

This service can be set up through individualized coaching with the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi or through group activities.



16-35 years


Examples of projects

We have organized many outings in collaboration with different classes from the other partner schools throughout our territory to discover the culture and functioning of their welcoming system for new students: sugar shack, apple picking, visiting the CEGEP Sorel-Tracy.

We have also offered activities aiming at the development of social skills such as accompanying a student when taking public transportation.

Project development

We accompany our youth in the creation and development of projects on three levels: entrepreneurship, charity work and volunteering.



Aims at increasing the entrepreneurship simulations and projects for youths from senior high public-school programs.



Aims at offering occasions for the students from senior high public-school programs to become involved in charity work.



Aims at promoting voluntary involvement from youths in their community through useful collective projects.



18-35 years


Examples of projects



We have developed different projects in entrepreneurship with students from our partner institutions: a community food bank, a community supper, or a thrift store.


charity work

We took part in a lot of charity work in the last year! Gardening containers were set up in one of our schools, as well as a thrift store or recycling bins in other institutions.



Last year, in collaboration with the child of one of our clients, Tie Dye workshops were set up in a youth centre. The goal was to share a passion while transmitting knowledge.

With one of our partners, L’Espoir, we also produced video capsules presenting many organizations throughout our territory. The goal was to reinforce the knowledge and links between the different players in our geographical area.